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Hey! Christina Here,

As a woman in leadership

what would it mean to embody your essence so fully that it guides you through life from within?

More Peace

No more struggling quietly with guilt, worry, or shame as you strive to choose between what you're told is right, and what you know in your heart is true.

True Freedom

No more wrestling against the chains of "woulds," "shoulds," and other peoples' expectations of you.

Real Love

No more living under guard and key. Wear your heart on your sleeve without the fear of being seen for who you truly are.

Yes! All of it!

Would that change your life? Would it make you a happier, more fulfilled person? Would it make you a more magnetic leader? 

Of course it would!

Now, let me tell you something, in case you were wondering…

You deserve it all!

Just one problem…how do you make it happen?

The good news is, that’s the best possible problem you could have at this stage in your essence embodiment journey.


The better news is, I have a solution for you.


The even better news is, my solution is free, it’s live, and it’s going to be entirely too much fun.


Okay, but the best news is, you’re already halfway there.

Learn How To

Follow Your



Join Me Live!

During this free, live workshop, I’ll walk you through the process of taking what you learned about yourself in the 6 Days of Self program off the pages and into your daily life.


how to
live your essence

Are you trying too hard to stand out; hiding your essence to fit in? Whatever it is that's keeping you from fully embodying your essence, we'll discover, label, and take control of it together.


ask questions, get guidance

The best way to make sure you're on the right track is to get feedback and answers right away. When you join me live on Tuesday, February 15th, you'll have the opportunity to get guidance from me directly.

You have what it takes to Lead

Embody Your Essence

Okay, here's the scoop...

How many times have you heard that authenticity is the key to success in life, leadership and business? 


That’s a nice sentiment, and it’s not wrong…but what the heck does it mean? And even if you figure it out, is it really going to help?


I mean, think about it: a toddler is authentic. Would you leave them alone in the house? How about give them a promotion and a big, fat raise?


Of course not. 


You may have the cutest, sweetest, most authentic toddler in the world, but that doesn’t qualify them to run your household.


And what about confidence? You’ve heard all your life that confidence will open doors. But where does confidence come from?



Confidence comes from believing in yourself. And believing in yourself comes from knowing yourself…your essence. 


where does that leave you?

It leaves you at a crossroads, my friend. 

And that’s exactly where the adventure begins!

From here you have two options…

Stay right where you are.

What’s the one thing more terrifying than not knowing what to do to change your life? Knowing exactly what to do, and being the only one accountable for making it happen. We all know that fear. Are you going to let it stop you? I don’t think so.

Join me!

Come to learn my restorative approach to allowing your essence – the truest version of your self – be your guide through life, love, and leadership. Leave with new friends, new strengths, and a new lease on your potential.

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