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The only mentor-guided self development program designed to help you discover your personal brand from the inside out!

Hey! Christina Here,

By now, you know exactly what I want...

That’s right! More than anything, I want you to live so fully in your essence that it becomes your personal brand.


Because I know that when you embody your essence, your life becomes more…

More Peace

No more struggling quietly with guilt, worry, or shame as you strive to choose between what you're told is right, and what you know in your heart is true.

More Freedom

No more wrestling against the chains of "woulds," "shoulds," and other peoples' expectations of you.

More Love

No more living under guard and key. Wear your heart on your sleeve without the fear of being seen for who you truly are.

And that, my friend, is the life you were born for.

You deserve it all!

When people come to me wanting to attract clients, get the promotion or to communicate better, they think they need to be assigned a brand. 


But I know that what what you really need is to embody your essence brand.

You deserve a simple, nurturing way to blossom fruitfully into the uniquely magnetic essence you brought with you into the world.


Please join me for eleven weeks of self-discovery in the Embody Your Essence Brand Program!

Join Me Live!

For 11 weeks, I’ll help you peel back the layers that have built up after years of living the life of someone else’s dreams so you can …


how to
live your essence

Claim the joy, freedom, love and success you were meant to enjoy by becoming the fullest expression of the person you were born to be.


Life On Your Terms

Get back behind the steering wheel of your life and start getting and feeling what you deserve

Okay, here's the scoop...

Embodying your essence is just like planting a flourishing garden.

There are three primary phases...


The outcome of your efforts depends heavily on how you prepare. From choosing the best location to clearing away rocks and roots, your garden will grow abundantly in nurtured soil.


Before you reveal your essence, it’s important to take stock of what is serving you in your life, and what is not. Not even your indomitable being can thrive in hostility.


The real you is buried deep beneath years and years of trying to meet other people’s demands and expectations.


But she’s still there.


Dig through the layers to recover your essence, so you can embody your essence without the discomfort of comparison, competition, or compromise.


The final stage in your Essence Journey is “being.” 


Throughout the weeks, lessons, and reflections of this program, you’ll learn more and more about who you are and what you truly want.


Then, you’ll gather the outside reflections of your essence to share with the world. 

Christina has been my mentor for the last 6 years. I have come so far in my personal development through my work with her. After generations of dysfunction in my family, I feel like I'm going to make it out and be the difference and the example that will help other family members escape the dysfunction. I can largely credit Christina for this. The way she listens and asks questions and gently guides me to my own conclusions has taught me to think in a different way. She can be tough and is always honest, but it is done with love and the deepest compassion. I can truly say that Christina has saved my life and I will forever be grateful!
Maria R
Social Work


Wondering what the Embody Your Essence Brand program offers to take you from preparing to being in just 11 weeks?



Guided Reflection

Be Celebrated

And Yes, More Fun!


With all the benefits of intimate, mentor-led personal discovery amplified by the nurturing reflection of this carefully curated community of Essence Sisters, you will be attended to throughout your entire 11-week Essence Journey. 


I will be hosting weekly watch parties so that you can easily complete the weekly educational components on your own time and with members of the community.


Weekly live group coaching sessions give you a chance to ask questions, learn from others, and explore the material with me.


We’ll also meet 1:1 at pivotal intervals throughout the program to ensure that the reflection materials are personalized to you and your journey.


We grow better when we grow together.


24-hour access to dozens of essence sisters just like you all on a shared personal mission to fully embody their essence.

Guided Reflection

Exclusive reflection exercises and videos created to guide you through peeling back the layers so you can reveal and embody your essence.


I’ve developed these exercises over fifteen years of experience and my own essence journey. You will not find them anywhere else.

Be Celebrated

Your essence sisters are waiting to celebrate you!


Essence Reveal Highlight opportunities allow you to show off your growth among dozens of like-minded women who love you for who you are. 


Step into the spotlight and learn to love it before venturing out into the world.

I’ve been doing this work for over fifteen years now. And, let’s just say, I’ve got this process figured out down to a science. 


I know that when you put it all together, transformation is not only possible, but inevitable!

I started working with Christina because I had some blindspots that were holding me back in my life, business, health and finances. Christina has helped me identify those blindspots and work through them. I have done lots of “self help” work in the past, but working with Christina has been the ONE thing that has actually helped me put all of this into practice and actually make the progress. The value of one to one and small group coaching with Christina is priceless. I am now following through on my commitments to myself and taking smart risks that just a few months ago I would have been too afraid to take, but not even known why I felt that way. Through my work with Christina I now feel confident and empowered and I’m living more fully.
Rebecca B
Mental Health Provider
I consider Christina to be not only my coach, but one of my very best friends. When I met Christina I was in great self doubt and living according to other people’s expectations. Before she was even my coach I remember telling her how I felt and she guided with so much love, compassion and wisdom. She is the real deal and so authentic. She loves me where I am and encourages me to keep discovering more about myself. My favorite piece of advice she gave me is “You are your own permission slip.” My favorite thinking question she asks me is “What inspires you?” This has helped me to live life in integrity with myself and to learn to love myself. Christina always saw more in me and believed more in me than I did in myself. I could lean on this until I could acknowledge the greatness within myself. This is what Christina does, opens your eyes so you can be the very best version of yourself. I can’t recommend Christina more strongly, she has changed my life, it is an honor to know and receive guidance from her.
Janie M
Independent Sales

It's your time. Are you ready?


I have spoken with powerful women every day for years as they struggle to make the decision to invest in themselves. 

Does This Sound Like You..?

“I know I need this, but I don’t think I can afford it.”

“I see the value, but how can I explain the cost to my husband/spouse/partner?”

“I’ve already spent so much on my brand, should I make this investment now?”

“This feels right, but what if I’m wrong?”

If this is you, then I have good new and bad news…


The BAD news is, your thoughts and your feelings are not aligned, so there’s no amount of information that can make this easier for you. The only thing that can help you right now is to make a decision:

  • listen to your objections and stay where you are, or
  • follow your essence compass, join the program, and change your life for the better in just 11 weeks.

The GOOD news is, in 11 weeks from now, you could be embodying your essence so fully that you never feel the need to question your intuition again.

It’s never going to be easier to improve your life than it is right now.

Start the journey.

The only mentor-guided self development program designed to help you discover your personal brand from the inside out!

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I’ve done a few personal development programs and one thing that I think EYEB does best is providing manageable but effective steps for external change that complement the internal change. From curating a wardrobe that embodies individual essence to finding physical tokens to remind you to stay true to yourself, these steps were really empowering. Sometimes the internal change can be harder to see but when it is paralleled with external changes it becomes longer lasting and visible. Through this program I was able to uncover and overcome some things I have struggled with for years. Personal growth is a lifelong process but EYEB launched me into a new era of growth that I wasn’t even expecting.
Sarah S
You’ve taken away the fear and given me a sense of calmness and understanding in how to craft this. Now I can be me and speak from my heart.You have been phenomenal in getting to the heart of my message and business. You have a gift of asking the right questions.
Jean Marie R
Entrepreneur, Speaker

This program has the power to transform your life.

When I set out on this journey to create the Embody Your Essence Brand program, my wish was to help incredible women tap into what makes them so extraordinary, so that they could not just see, but grow the extraordinary attributes that make them so strong, capable, and incredible. I wanted the women in my life to be able to leverage their skills and quirks to get more peace, freedom, love, and yes, money. 


I can’t believe what a game changer this program has been for the women who have joined before.

So, to recap, when you sign up you get...

11 Weeks of Live Essence Embodiment Coaching


3 One-to-One Implementation Sessions


Over Twelve Hours of On-demand Essence Embodiment Training


Access to the private Embody Your Essence Online Community


The Transformations in Life, Love, and Business You’ve Been Dreaming Of

This is the only program on the market designed to help you stand out with a personal brand defined from the inside out!

If you’re like me, you’ve spent years and tens of thousands of dollars trying to find solutions for a problem you can’t quite explain. 


Stop looking outside for answers. Join me, and dozens of your Essence Sisters on a journey to Embody Your Essence.

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See you soon!

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